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  • Started mass production of 1.2/2kW Rectifier for 5G RRH
  • Chosen as a sole supplier for Fuel-cell Electric Trucks of Hyundai Motors
  • Complete development of 4 type DC-DC Converter for Global Market
  • Started mass production of SMHS PSU (SK Telecom)
  • Start construction of Company Building
  • Started mass production of both DUAL DC-DC Converter & 10kW Aux Inverter for Hyundai Electric Bus (ELEC CITY)
  • Started mass production of iRO PSU for Optical Repeater (SK Telecom)
  • Started mass production of iMHS PSU (SK Telecom)
  • Participate in Detroit EV Exhibition
  • Chosen as a Tier 1 Supplier for Hyundai Motors
  • Complete the development of both DUAL DC-DC Converter & 10kW Aux Inverterfor Hyundai Electric Bus (ELEC CITY)
  • Chosen as a sole supplier of iRO PSU for Optical Repeater (SK Telecom)
  • Started mass production of 3kW DC-DC Converter for the China market in 2015
  • Developed the rectifier for Ballast Water Treatment System (Techcross)
  • Started mass production of generator controller for light tactical vehicles (Defense Acquisition Program Administration)
  • Won an contract for DC-DC converter for forklift fuel cell (LG Chemicals)
  • Developed the rectifier for DAS (Distributed Antenna System) for US market (SK Telesys)
  • Won the Electric and Electronic Product of the Year (Korean Institute of Power Electronics)
  • Purchased the company building (15,537 m2 in Dongtan)
  • Started mass production of TDD-LTE PDU (Sprint USA)
  • Started mass production of base station 1U rectifier system STORM (SK Telecom)
  • Re-certified as venture business
  • Started mass production of RRU (Remote Radio Unit) rectifier (SK Telecom)
  • Selected as Promising SMB
  • Developed 4 types of power converters for 2nd-generation electric buses (Hyundai Motors)
  • Developed 50kW generator controller and 6-axle motor controller (Hyundai Rotem)
  • Constructed production lines and registered the factory
  • Developed the power converter for 2nd-generation electric buses (Hyundai Motors)
  • Developed inverter & converter for electric turbocharger (Hyundai Motors)
  • Acquired LED Moving Head CE certificate
  • Developed 70kW DC power and distribution system for Green IDC (KT)
  • Developed integrated inverter-converter module for Mild HEV
  • Developed 100kW motor controller for Re-EV
  • Selected as KIBO A+ member
  • Acquired INNOBIZ certificate
  • Acquired ISO9001 & 14001 certificates
  • Developed two-way DC-DC Converter for FCEV (Hyundai Mobis)
  • Developed 12kW motor controller for battery-changing electric buses
  • Won Prized of 6th Best Technology
  • Selected as KITECH partner
  • Moved Head Office and R&D Center to Suwon
  • Developed 3.3kW mount-type charger (Hyundai Mobis)
  • Developed 120kW generator controller (Hyundai Rotem)
  • Constructed company website
  • Founded R&D Center
  • Certified as venture business
  • Developed 3 types of DC-DC converters for fuel cell buses (Hyundai Motors)
  • Established EGTRONIC, Col, Ltd.