3kW Electric power Supply Converter

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ACU14V3K – 3kW DC/DC Converter


Uni-Directional DC-DC converter that transform the high voltage into low voltage to supply 12V power to electrical load of the eco-friendly Vehicle
This module can be integrated with other system such as OBC (On Board Charger or MCU (Motor Control Unit)

Front motor, engine, generator, drive battery, rear motor

  • Galvanically isolated type
  • Maximum efficiency : 96% or higher
  • CAN 2.0 Interface (J1939 Standard)
  • EMC : ECE R10 Satisfied
  • ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) topology ensures very low switching losses and excellent EMC behavior


Contents Unit Value
Power specifications Input voltage range V 360(250~450)
Rated output voltage 14
Output voltage range 8 ~ 16 @±0.25V
Rated output current A 214.3
Capacity Regular power capacity kW 3
Maximum capacity 3.3
Environmental conditions Operating temperature range -40 ~ 85
Storage temperature range -40 ~ 105
Type Weight Kg 5
IP class Grade 69K
Size mm 290 X 215 X 96

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