80kW Car Motor-Driving Motor Control Unit

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IDHE80K – 80kW Vehicle Motor Driving Motor Control Unit


A motor control unit for driving the motor of the SUV electric vehicle which has 60kW continuous rated power (Peak power 80kW)
The power density is 9.2kW/l or higher and the weight, including the enclosure, is 16kg or less.
This MCU can be controlled by both resolver interface and CAN communication externally.

  • Controls all types of 3-phases motors
  • Maximum efficiency: 97% or higher
  • Adopt Hybridpack2 (Infineon IGBT)
  • Apply SVPWM (Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation) topology
  • Provides an engine table that allows individual programing for motor control
  • Passive Interlock
  • High and low voltage side insulation Fully galvanic isolation between high and low voltage circuit
  • Resolver interface

Range-Extended EV (SUV class)
Range-Extended EV (SUV class)

Contents Unit Value
Power specifications Rated DC Link voltage V 330
Output frequency Hz 666 @ 10,000rpm 8 pole
Switching frequency 8000
Continuous output capacity kW 60
Capacity Maximum output capacity 80
Maximum efficiency % 97
Environmental conditions Operating temperature range -40 - 85
Storage temperature range -40 - 105
Type Weight Kg 16
IP class   65
Size Mm 385 x 285 x 105

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