Generator Control Unit (GCU) for Commercial Vehicles

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Generator Control Unit (GCU) for Commercial Vehicles

The general control unit (GCU) is a core component for DC generation that converts AC power, which is generated from the generator that is directly connected to the engine, to DC power.
The engine generation is largely divided into 48V mild hybrid, passenger xEV, and commercial vehicles.
Most of the GCUs currently being manufactured consist of large capacity products for commercial use, but can be designed and manufactured to satisfy the needs of customers.

Generator Control Unit (GCU) for Commercial Vehicles


1) 50kW GCU

  • HYBRID PACK2 (650V 800A and 1200V 400A)
  • Generation voltage: 300V band
  • Continuous 50kW, maximum 100kW generation

2) 60kW GCU

  • HYBRID PACK2(1200V 400A) IGBT
  • Generation voltage: 700V band
  • Continuous 60kW, maximum 100kW generation

3) 120kW GCU

  • PRIME PACK2(1200V 900A) IGBT
  • Generation voltage: 600V band
  • Continuous 120kW, maximum 200kW generation

Applicable to commercial engine generation systems